Toast Family and Friends with a Great White Wine

What Makes a White Wine Great?

Crisp, ripe grapes with that perfect balance of dry and sweet. Our sommeliers travel the world to find the best grapes to make our white wines. Whether your table is calling for an Australian Chardonnay, an Italian Riesling or a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, we’ve got the kit for you.

In fact, we have a wide range of white and red wine kitz available throughout the year so drop by the store or email us to see what exciting new vintages we have in stock.

Brew Your Wine at Home or at the Store

We’ll set you up with the equipment you need and you’ll be able to create your first fine wine – the first of many, we’re sure. Most of our customers create their wine right here in the store but you can take your kit and equipment home if that works best for you.

When your wine is ready, we’ll set a bottling appointment with you, help you get your wine into the bottles, cork them, label them with our custom labels and help you carry your new bottles of wine to the car.

Great wine at a fraction of the price.
What could be better? Choice.
And we have that too.

Limited Releases and The Cellar Collection for the World’s Best White Wines

We always have something new arriving at the store, and our limited releases showcase the world’s finest grape harvests. They’re available while quantities last for you to create and add to your own collection. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing blush to enjoy on your dock or a dry white for your table, we have your wine.

If you’re looking for something truly exquisite, you’ve found it with our Cellar Collection. Each year, our sommeliers select approximately 3 varietals that they believe will enhance even the most discriminating of wine cellars. These wines are made to store, age and savour on your special occasions and are available in only very limited quantities. Ask us about this year’s Cellar Collection to be part of the select group of Wine Kitz clients who experience these extraordinary wines.

The Wine Kitz Collection of Fine White Wines

Wine Kitz receives praise from Master Sommeliers and Judges around the world for the quality of our grapes and blends. We appreciate the professional praise but nothing makes us happier than the success stories of our clients. We are proud of our products and the service we provide to our customers and we look forward to helping you create your next batch of wine.

Come to the store and tell us what you’re looking for. With four different categories of wine and dozens of varietals ranging from light- to full-bodied, plus dessert and specialty wines, we know we’ll have the wine you need at a price you’ll love.

Ice Wine is the Perfect Gift for Your Special Occasions

Taking white wine to a new level is our innovative ice wine style Reisling. Subtle suggestions of honey, flowers and spice make this sweet and rich wine aromatic and enticing. It pairs beautifully with special desserts and many of our customers love to sip a glass as they relax after dinner with family and friends.

Do you have a special occasion coming soon? Our ice wine is a great gift for guests to remember your event long after they have left the party. Visit the store today to start your next batch of wine.

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