Red Wine in All Its Distinctive Splendour

Dozens of red wine varieties at a fraction of commercial prices

Our sommeliers travel the world to find the best grapes for your next red wine. There are certain qualities that Wine Kitz requires in our grapes. They have to make predictably great wine, every time. If you know wine, you know that some years are better than others for most vineyards.

That’s fine… if you’re a vineyard. But for our customers, we know that the wine has to be great every time. Batch after batch. That’s why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So our grape varietals come from the world’s best vineyards and we source them each year to make sure we are getting the best of the best – and that’s what we deliver to you. Visit the store today to start your first batch of choice red wine.

Brew Your Red Wine at Home or At the Store

Our store is big enough to house 250 batches of red and white wine and we’ll make sure there is enough room for your batch when you come in to see us. If you’d like to make your wine at home, we’ll set you up with the equipment you need, explain everything you need to know, and answer all of your questions. Then you can take your wine kit and equipment home and start producing exquisite wine in comfort.

The best part is that each batch only gets better. A typical batch will provide you with about 30 bottles of wine at an average cost of $3 per bottle – a fraction of what you pay at the retail stores for the same great quality.

If you’d like to make your wine in our store, we’ll set you up with the equipment, help you start your batch, take care of it while it ferments, and then set a bottling appointment with you where we’ll help you get your wine into the bottle and corked.

We even have a label-producing machine to help you create custom labels for your new vintage red. Finally, we’ll help you pack it up and get it out to your car. Now that’s service.

Then your job is to allow it to age until it’s perfect for drinking (don’t worry, we’ll tell you how many months), and then enjoy with family and friends.

Great wine at a fraction of the price. What could be better?

Let Wine Kitz Newmarket help you create a wine that you’ll be proud to share.

Red Wine Varieties from Around the World

Wine Kitz has a large catalogue of red wines and a selection of limited availability kitz that is constantly changing. Our commitment to provide our customers with quality wine, batch after batch, means that our sommeliers must constantly work to ensure you are getting the best possible grapes.

Our Limited Reserve and Cellar Collection offer limited quantities of some of the world’s finest grape harvests. The Cellar Collection is offered once per year and is designed to enrich the finest wine cellars with exquisite grapes that age tremendously well. The Limited Reserve wines vary from season to season, providing you with new flavours to create and enjoy.

Of course, we will always have your favourite wine kitz. Some of our many varieties range from a Californian Cabernet Franc, an Argentinian Malbec, and a Pinot Noir from New Zealand to an Italian Chianti and Chilean Cabernet Merlot. You’ll be sure to find your wine in our global selection. Ask us which one of our red wines will suit your table best and we’ll help you get your batch started today.

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