Ensure Your Big Day Flows Smoothly

With Personalized Wines and Beer from Wine Kitz

We know how stressful it can be to organize a wedding, anniversary or other major event. When our daughter was planning her wedding we learned just how overwhelming it can be.

But at least we didn’t have to worry about the wine. And neither will you if you contact us today. Simply book your consultation and we’ll help you determine how much you need and what types of wine would be best. We have many varieties of red and white, plus specialty wines such as sherry, port and ice wine.

Once we have your order, we’ll help you start your batches at the right time, so that when your big day arrives you’ll have everything you need and your wine will be aged to perfection.

Planning is the Key to Success with Wine and Beer

Depending on the types of wine you choose, you’ll need to plan ahead. Some of our wines take 6 months to age properly, some take 9 or more.

You need to plan ahead. If you can get to us a year before the event, that’s perfect.

We have ways to speed up our wine-making and the accelerator pack is frequently used for last minute batches – but no matter how fast we can help you create it, you’ll need to let your wine age before your special day to avoid that less-than-perfect home-made taste.

Beer is simple. Your batch will be ready to drink and taste fantastic within a month.

Great Gifts for Your Guests

Have you considered what to give as guest gifts and table favours? We have many hosts who have had rave reviews after sharing their batch of special ice wine or port.

Ice wine is a heavy, sweet wine, made from grapes that have been frozen. It’s a delicacy for the palate and we can help you create it right here in the store.

We’ll also help you design the labels and personalize them so that your guests remember your big day long after they leave.

Contact Wine Kitz Newmarket and we’ll help you work out the details to ensure that your big day flows smoothly with the finest wines and beers at a fraction of what you would pay at Ontario retail stores.

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