Consumer Made Wine and Beer at a Fraction of the Retail Price

At Wine Kitz Newmarket, our customers tell us that the only thing better than our wines and prices is our service.

They love that they get to come and make wine and beer with Cam and Sherri.

Doesn’t that sound like a good thing?

Wine Kitz was established in 1959 as Wine Art. For more than five decades, we’ve helped our clients create great tasting wine and beer. There are now over 75 Wine Kitz locations across Canada, helping thousands of people make their own wine and beer each year.

At Wine Kitz, we help our clients make ‘Consumer Made’ wine and beer. Whether you choose to create your batches at the store or at your home, we have the tools and techniques you need to do the job right.

Locally Owned and Operated with Decades of Wine-making Experience

The owners of Wine Kitz Newmarket are Cam Rooke and Sherri Carlton and they are committed to helping their clients create superb beer and wine. They provide the tips and recommendations you need to get the results you want.

Not sure what type of red or white wine will work best for your table? Well, whether it’s a special occasion or for everyday enjoyment, their years of experience are at your service.

Planning a special occasion? With Cam and Sherri’s help, wine and beer are one detail you won’t have to worry about. Need gifts for your guests? We offer gift bottles to help your guests remember the event long after they have left the party.

Cam’s advice for all new wine- and beer-makers is to pick a variety that you have previously enjoyed and then recreate it from the Wine Kitz selection. Once you have that first batch under your belt, you can start experimenting with new flavours and varieties. You’ll have a great wine cellar in no time and wine you’ll be proud to share with family and friends.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Every Batch at Wine Kitz

Our Wine Kitz Sommeliers travel the world to find the best grapes for our kitz and we stand confidently behind each batch you create. If you’re ever unsatisfied with wine that you’ve made with us, simply bring it back and we’ll be happy to replace the kit.

We love wine as well and we want to ensure that your discovery of new favourites is pure enjoyment. With a combination of best-sellers and limited reserves, our huge selection ensures you’ll find the wine you want.

The Room to Brew Your Own in Newmarket

With over 1200 square-feet of space in which to brew and bottle, custom labeling equipment and the most up-to-date bottling and brewing equipment, our store near Bayview and Mulock will keep your next batch clean and tasting great. Drop by the store today to choose your wine or beer and get brewing.

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