Create Wine and Beer You’ll Be Proud To Serve

We are Undergoing On-Line Renovations
to Serve You Better.

Our real-life location at Unit 14, 18075 Leslie Street, Newmarket, ON remains open to assist you with all of your wine and beer crafting needs.

wineHave you ever wondered what makes a great wine?

Or whether it was possible to make a great wine yourself?

Do you have a special event coming up where you will provide the beverages?

Would you like to?

We’ve all had home-made wine that wasn’t… quite… right. At Wine Kitz Newmarket, we have all the equipment and tips you’ll need to create superb wine and beer. Wine you’ll be proud to share with family and friends and to serve with your meals. And beer that tastes like real beer. All at a fraction of what you’d pay retail. Contact us today to get your batch of wine or beer started.

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